Morphemy Architects, founded in 2015 and based in Hyderabad,  is an Indian architectural practice that is, creative, research, and design-based,  creative, and contemporary architectural practice, specializing in architecture, urban design, planning, and interior design.

At Morphemy Architects, we believe in organizational intelligence of spaces, architecture as an investment, contemporary formal elegance, and creation of efficient spaces and steps towards sustainability in architecture.

Architectural Design 

Architecture and design at Morphemy Architects is brought about by a high level of understanding and knowledge of the contemporary architecture and design world. Fundamental to our ideology is a highly refined approach to design with an emphasis on rigorous geometry, form, and innovative use of materials, to produce aesthetic architectural spaces. The design focus along with climate responsiveness is complemented by a meticulous and explorative approach to construction and detail. Sustainability is at the core of every design process. 

Master Planning

With an approach to master planning and urban design, layering with the landscape as a crucial part of the mix and understanding the context, along with principles of sustainability we at Morphemy Architects strive to bring dynamic, rich, and contextual spaces. 

Interior Space Design

Creative Interior Design is brought by a thorough understanding of space, color, materials, and details. Interior Design becomes an intricate part of the architecture we create. Again, the use of sustainable materials and practices that give rise to a healthy building is crucial in realizing an interior design scheme. Apart from this, good project execution and delivery principles ensure a good project. 

Clients & Partners

Our clients and collaborators. We believe in the power of collaboration, we work with experts in their domain to bring a carefully designed project.