Office and Research Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design

Building a climatically responsive, contemporary building, for tropical wet and dry climate Hyderabad.

Straight lines and minimal design language for this project were a conscious decision to both reduce the cost as well as to become the aesthetic language for the project. Following a grid, this rigorous geometry is followed to arrive at a building typology that is very familiar to this climate, a courtyard building. The architectural design followed, providing a courtyard at its center, and positioning the spaces requiring maximum cooling to be on the northern side while using Low-E glass to reduce heat and open up the building to natural daylight and views around it. The structure of the building itself with flat slabs and circular columns on the inside and thick vertical sunshades on the out becomes the architectural expression. The entire building is lifted above while the surrounding land is sloped allowing sunlight and natural ventilation into the basement.


  • 2015-2018


  • Admerus Biosciences


  • Hyderabad, India


  • Built