Our Services include:

Principal Architect

Nishanth P
M. Arch (Architecture & Urbanism, Architectural Association, London)
B. Arch (National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu)

Design Philosophy

“Architecture is a language. When you are very good, you can be a poet”
— Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

At Morphemy Architects we essentially believe that architecture is primarily an
expression. Like language each element has to be carefully crafted and precisely organised to create poetic justifications. We believe good design must arise from this rigorous process of study and research, which is combined with technical knowledge, social and local understanding, then synergised through creative skill and artistic judgement. Robustness, attention to detail, proportions, and scale, together with common sense, ensure a completed project that is a step towards a better world.


Founded in 2015, Morphemy Architects is a Research and Design based Young, Creative and Contemporary architectural practice. Specialising in architecture, urban design, planning and high-end boutique space design.

Our Services include Architectural Design, Interior Design, Planning and Facade/Elevation Design Consultation for empty shell structures. We strive to deliver high quality projects, residences, offices, etc in an affordable way.

At Morphemy Architects we believe in organisational intelligence of spaces, architecture as investment, contemporary formal elegance and creation of efficient and sustainable architecture.

The design of Morphemy Architects is led by Nishanth P whose previous experience includes multi scale corporate, commercial, retail, hospitality and housing projects across Shanghai. Singapore and India. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli and a Master’s in Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association, London. With such a strong design and architectural pedigree his Thesis project was one among the very few, exhibited at the coveted Summer Exhibition at the Royal Art Gallery, along with works by renowned architects such as Norman Foster and Thomas Heatherwick.

Following this experience, the design at Morphemy Architects is brought about by a high level of understanding and knowledge of the contemporary architecture and design world. Fundamental to our ideology is a highly refined approach to design with emphasis on rigorous geometry, form and innovative use of materials, to produce aesthetic architectural spaces. The design focus is complemented by a meticulous and inventive approach to construction and detail. This combination of capabilities allows the firm to produce exciting and elegant contemporary designs. Within a few months of its inception we have undertaken an 80,000 Sft Pharma Industry labs project in Hyderabad for an ambitious client who wanted his project to be of international standards. Currently our portfolio of works includes High-End Office Interiors, Independent Residences, Research Laboratories and Office Spaces.


In 2018 we have been awarded “Best Contemporary Architect in South India by BUILD Architecture Magazine UK” followed by “Best Contemporary Architecture and Interior Design Studio, Telangana by BUILD Architecture Magazine UK in 2019”. In 2019 TV5 Architecture and Interior Awards we won the award under Green Building Category for our project Admerus Biosciences.