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The design of Morphemy Architects is led by Principal Architect Nishanth P whose previous experience includes multi-scale corporate, commercial, retail, hospitality, and housing projects across Shanghai, Singapore, and India.
Following this experience, the design at Morphemy Architects is brought about by a high level of understanding and knowledge of the contemporary architecture and design world. Fundamental to our ideology is a highly refined approach to design with an emphasis on rigorous geometry, form, and innovative use of materials, to produce aesthetic architectural spaces. The design focus along with climate responsiveness is complemented by a meticulous and explorative approach to construction and detail. This combination of capabilities allows the firm to produce exciting and elegant contemporary designs. Currently, our portfolio of works includes Office Interiors, Independent Residences in Bangalore and Hyderabad, Research Laboratories, and Office Space Architecture and Interiors.

Our Services include:


“Architecture is a language. When you are very good, you can be a poet”
— Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

We believe that architecture is primarily an expression. Like language, each element has to be carefully crafted and precisely organised to create architectural space. We believe good design must arise from this rigorous process of study and research, which is combined with technical knowledge, social and local understanding, then synergised through creative skill and artistic judgement. Attention to detail, proportions, and scale, together with common sense, ensure a completed project that is both beautiful and functional. We believe in using the latest and best tools available for architects like BIM and parametric computation to bring a contemporary approach to design on par with international architects.

Urban Planning

At Morphemy architects we are essentially creative problem solvers. We approach every problem large or small scale with a holistic view. Our planning solutions integrate urban design, architecture and landscape strategies to provide cutting edge solutions to contemporary projects.

Interior Design

“The details are not the details, they make the design”
— Charles Eames

At Morphemy we undertake high quality customized interior works for both corporate as well as residential spaces producing unique spaces tailored to the functions and the users.


Sustainability is consciously at the heart of every project that we undertake at Morphemy Architects. We endevaour ro deliver solutions to projects that are not only climatically responsive, but also energy conscious and use materials that lead to a sustainable project.



We’ve come together from many different backgrounds, united by our passion for working critically—and with curiosity, integrity and camaraderie.

Our shared goal: to design elegant, effective and environmentally responsive solutions for an intentionally broad range of clients.



Morphemy Architectsis a team of collaborative, innovative thinkers who enjoy contributing to our dynamic, rewarding studio culture.


Nishanth P.

Founder & Principal Architect

M. Arch (Architecture & Urbanism, Architectural Association, London)
B. Arch (National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu)


Hukumu Rio

Project Architect

B. Arch (NIT, Tiruchy, Tamil Nadu)

Thayal Nayaki. A

Project Architect


Varun B

Project Architect

B. Arch (NIT, Hamirpur, Shimla)



August 2019